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Hello everyone!
- I'm LoveToTheCucumber; your faithful fanart servant of the night.


Fandoms I've drawn fanart to so far:
Kuroko no Basuke
Soul Eater
Shingeki no Kyojin (AoT)
Ao no Exorcist
Warm Bodies


Danish Language Level: Expert by MicoNutziri <--- Native

USA Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design <--- I've studied it pretty much all my life and use it everyday. Took classes for 10 years. I wouldn't call myself an expert - especially because there's no "native" stamp so "level: expert" should be considered native and I'm not that good.

German Language Level-Beginners by animefan046 <--- Took classes for 4 years (from 7th-10th grade). Still consider myself a beginner 'cause I'm not very good. I read and understand German better than I write and speak it.

Spanish lang2 by Faeth-design <--- Took classes for 3 years (throughout gymnasiet (high school)), but I consider myself a beginner. I don't remember all that much, but I can still read, understand, write and speak some Spanish.

JP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design <--- For half a year, my major was Japan studies at university. I'm probably better at German and Spanish. And no, I'm not some weeaboo. I take an actual interest in Japanese people and their history and culture.

- For obvious reasons, I can read and understand Norwegian and Swedish for the most part.


I'm not good at doing bios so I'll let the stamps speak for me.
Pictures say more than a thousand words, right ;)?
I'll focus on anime 'cause that's probably why people are here in the first place.
(None of these are listed according to what I like better or less ^^)

Fave animated movies/series:

Naruto Shippuden by sketchedmonkeysilver fang by DametoraDensetsu Weed Stamp by MarauderWolf93Elfen Lied 1.0 by deathshadow7127Legend of Korra Stamp by Nemo-TV-ChampionSoul Eater - Stamp by KizushikFull Metal Alchemist by KurasiiMonster - Stamp by Nana-BlankStamp - Hetalia .:ONA:. by PixAlchemistHataraku Maou-sama Stamp by KisshuandEnvyStamp ~ Ao no Exorcist's cool flaming logo by JudietteFree - Iwatobi Swim Club stamp by Tea-StrawberryStamp Shingeki no Kyojin by AtsuKiroDeath Note Stamp by polaralexKuroko no Basuke Stamp by ExelionStarTokyo Ghoul - Stamp by Kheila-S
(Also wanna mention Perfect Blue and Detentionaire)

Fave anime characters:

Naruto Stamp by xXx-naruto-xXxYamato Stamp by Zibby-DoodlesStamp - Kakashi by RenkashiSai Stamp by DaiKai+ Gaara stamp I + by stamps-accountHinata Stamp by itz-CindyrellaIruka fans Stamp by darkTHBYahiko Stamp by imrahilXbattousai+HIDAN+ by OTalkOStyxOStampOStamp Obito by L-monTobirama Senju Stamp by MocattuSenju Hashirama [Stamp] by Nyoko-Hime-ChanBadge: Tsunade by TheRedKunoichiBadge: Shikamaru by TheRedKunoichiConfused? by Stamp-Attack(and Chiyo)

Lucy by InnocentlybrokenKouta Stamp by depp (and Chief Kurama)

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I don't mind if you "hit and run." I will never beg for llamas, comments, faves, watches. I won't tell you to stop thanking me for faves, always thank me for faves, send back llamas or anything like that. You do whatever you feel like doing 'cause I do too :)!

How to: Dane, look like a Dane, date Scandinavians

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 11, 2014, 12:02 PM
  • Mood: Content


Ugh, I never get tired of reading about stereotypes xD

So I found some of the most precise and funniest facts for you when it comes to:
How Danes act,
How Danes look,

And does and don'ts when you wanna date someone from Scandinavia
(- last one is tricky so be prepared xD)

As always, the purpose of this is to get a conversation going with all of you.
I'll be more than happy to hear any thoughts or questions you might have regarding these articles :D!
And if you have questions beyond these "facts", feel free to ask as well :D I should know a thing or two about Danes and Denmark, I suppose xD

- And do note that these are stereotypes.

I'll post the first "article" here and add comments (- the ones in italic is my comments). The two last will be links only.


How to be a Dane:
  • Danes don’t trust weather forecasts.
  • Danes puts salt on food without even tasting it. (- there are two types of Danes. Those who salt their food without tasting it and those who don't salt their food at all.)
  • Want to upset a Dane? Compare them to a Swede. 
  • Danish news is either about politics or shows on TV. (- They might mention TV shows in the last part of the news on a Friday night, but otherwise, it's all about politics and sports.)
  • Danes get confused and embarrassed if you compliment them.
  • Danish media goes mental when a Dane is on CNN or Oprah.
  • Students have their graduation party before the graduation.
  • Danes think you are a creep if you smile at a stranger’s baby.
  • Riding a bicycle in the winter is considered normal in Denmark.
  • Danes can’t agree upon what the national dish is. Help me out here? (- I think it's either:…,… or… - so basically, we just can't agree on the meat and sauce xD)
  • Danes love their scarves. You even see guys in clubs wearing scarves.
  • Danish boys think that grabbing ass in the club is the same as shaking hands. (- verified. I was in a gay club in Copenhagen and a man grabbed my ass. I looked up at him and his friend with a raised eyebrow (they were freaking tall so I figured it was best not to call them out on it xD) and then proceeded to buy myself a drink. 2 seconds after, they lifted my skirt too look under it... Did I mention this was a freaking gay bar?)
  • If it’s cozy, it’s called “Hygge” – and no Dane can explain exactly what that is.
  • Danes love their Licorice: Candies, gum, ice cream, food, drinks – anything goes. (- don't forget chocolate and flødeboller :3! Mmm, Marabou Black!)
  • Danes will leave a pub or a bar if there is no place to sit. Sitting is important.
  • Danes never ever sit next to someone on a bus if there is a free seat anywhere else.
  • If a Dane wants to be “undaned” and move abroad they are taxed approx. 50% of their assets.
  • Danes that buy a car end up paying almost 2 times the cars value in taxes and charges.
  • Danish people have excellent free health care but still pay to go to private hospitals.
  • Danes celebrate religious holidays (Christmas and Easter) by brewing an extra strong beer. (- and throw massive drinking/eating parties with friends and family and colleagues - preferably separated from each other meaning you'll attend at least three different parties each time xD These parties are called: "julefrokost" (Christmas-lunch) and "påskefrokost" (Easter-lunch). And it's kinda mandatory that you end up sleeping with someone if family is not involved, lol xD)
  • Danes are proud – and makes sure to point that out – each time they see a MAERSK container abroad.
  • Danes loves bathtubs as most people don’t have them. And when they do, they rarely use them.
  • Danish people can be your best friends when they are drunk. The next day they don’t even say “Hi”.
  • Many Danes don’t close/zip their coat even in the winter time… They would rather be cold than look uncool!
  • Ask a totally wasted Dane if he or she is drunk and the answer will most certainly be “No no no no no, not at all!”
  • Danes don’t like initiating a casual conversation with strangers on the street – unless they are drunk, of course.
  • Have this weird folk-law/logic saying, “Don’t think you’re anything special – You’re no better than the rest of us”. (- it's called "Janteloven" or "The Law of Jante" if you would like to read more about how we force ourselves to have low self-esteem xD)
  • Majority of Danes do not like wearing bright colors during autumn/winter. Wear a red coat and you will be stared upon.
  • Danes have sooooo many religious holidays – but few Danes very rarely practice or even believe in any specific religion.
  • Equality is important. That’s why most Danish guys don’t open the doors for a girl or take her bag if it’s heavy (come on guys!). (- but don't think you'll necessarily score extra points by actually being a gentleman. The women are used to being independent so actually pulling out the chair for her and shit might just end up offending her. We do hold the door for others, though, but it's not a gentleman thing. It's just being polite. So it goes both ways.)
  • Danes are usually very relaxed about sex. Having sex at 15 is very normal. Having sex even earlier isn’t that uncommon either.
  • Danes get 5 weeks paid holiday a year, and a 37 hour work week… and we are still some of the most stressed people in the world.
  • Danish students get approx. 1000 USD/month studying, and access to free education (even universities). And still bitch about it.
  • Danes get EXTREMELY proud if you mention us winning the European Football Championship in 1992. This is our nation’s proudest moment!
  • Danes buys 5 good beers, then cheap stuff for the rest of the party, thinking “I’m going be drunk and don’t really care about the taste then”. (- and we prefer to hold "førfest" ("before-the-party party") where we met up at a friends house, get drunk and then go to the city so we won't have to buy as many expensive drinks at the bars 'cause we only need them to stay drunk, not get drunk. Also, it's hyggeligt ^^)
  • Danes are hysterical about hygiene, but apparently do not mind having birthday cakes candles blown out by people with no control of their saliva. (- I know plenty of people who are not hysterical about hygiene (quite the opposite, actually xD), but I also know a lot who are. So it's 50/50. Though, I'm pretty sure everyone hates the saliva filled cake, yet we still do it. Only cakes for kids will have candles, though.)
  • There are basically two types of Danes… The ones that buy their Christmas gifts at the latest possible time, and the one that buys them in October. (- as in, some buys them on Christmas Eve (the 24th which is the date where Danes celebrate Christmas and gets their gifts.))
  • There is no age restriction on drinking alcohol in Denmark. Seeing drunk 15 year-olds in the streets (weekends) on their way to parties is a pretty normal sight.
  • If you’re at a party, approach a Dane, give him/her a hug and ask “So long, how have you been?” – Most Danes will be confused but play along for quite some time, embarrassed to tell they don’t know you. (- I'm gonna try this XD Most will probably be afraid that they met you while being drunk and they're too embarrassed to tell you that they don't remember you... makes sense 'cause it happens a lot xD)
  • Danes hate surprise visits. We don’t know how to handle unexpected guests. Please, call a week in advance to set something up – even though you are childhood friends and see each other all the time anyway. (- it's not a joke. Don't visit if you weren't invited or if you haven't asked in advance - preferable a couple of days in advance.)
  • Danes have no problem with self-irony and being laughed at (- only when foreigners make fun of Denmark or Danes in general, hahah xD! No, seriously... It's not funny, you guys....)

- Source:… (- and isn't it ironic that the author's last name is "Kjøller"? Which is by far the name that comes closest to sounding like the name "Køhler" (- Hetalia Denmark's presumed last name). I've never heard of anyone who was named "Kjøller" or "Køhler" (- I think they are pronounced pretty much the same way... Unless you stress the "j", but I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that here.))


How to: Look Like a Dane!…
- (I'm pretty sure most people stop looking like this when they turn 40. The men might be more persistent, actually.
Again these a stereotypes. Not all Danes look like this, but A LOT of Danes do and you can find them all over Denmark, though the majority who looks like this might be found in Copenhagen. They are everywhere in that city xD
- fun fact, in my high school class, 4-5 girls always wore their hair 'lazier' while the rest of the girls always wore their hair in a huuuuge, taaaall bun. Oh, except 1 who mostly braided her hair... 1 fucking exception to this hair rule in one entire class xD
By the way, the ponytail is also really popular here 'cause it's convenient. We like our ponytails messy too, of course.)


How to: Date a Scandinavian!…

- (I don't remember reading this one before and damn, it was funny as hell! And so spot on?! I never knew how to explain to other how "dating" works in Denmark 'cause we simply don't do it. This explains it very nicely. If you want a Scandinavian boy- or girlfriend, I would say you're pretty much suited to go out and try your luck after reading this.

Actually, I think this goes deeper into how to get a boyfriend than girlfriend, but it covers both, mostly.

For the guys who wanna get a Scandinavian girlfriend, I just wanna add:
Compliments and pick up lines rarely work to your advantage.
Pretty girls in Denmark are most likely not slutty or brainless girls, sorry. They are often those who wanna pursue a career as a politician, journalist, something along those lines so they need to stay pretty. I find them sort of intimidating 'cause they are usually really beautiful AND really, really smart. So don't judge the book by its cover. Political conversations will probably work on any girl, though. Intelligent conversations in general are the best way to get the girl, pretty or not, smart or not. Humor is also good, but don't be a smartass and don't be the clown. She'll find both highly embarrassing and she might not even find you worthy of friend zoning.)


That's all for today, ya' all :D

Again, if you have ANY questions, go ahead an ask me. Or if you just wanna discuss these things, point out something you thought was odd or funny, you wanna add something or disprove something, compare to your countries stereotypes, anything, just do it :iconjustdoitplz:

And have a great evening, everyone!

Skin by TaNa-Jo


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This song reminded me of the Dansk-Deutsch-English song you showed me, Allein Allein. This is Wir Sind Allein by Letzte Instanz, and I thought it was very beautiful. I was belting it at the top of my lungs in my driveway to the chagrin of several neighbors. Thought you might like it too.…

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